2 Men Y Girls
Paul Stanners Guitar and vocals
Greg Stanners Guitar and Bass
Marcelle Dixon Vocals and keyboards
Cindy Milne Drums
Sue Fukushima Bass, keyboards, and vocals

After many years of playing off and on together as well as with other bands, the members of 2MenyGirls have come together as musical team members who really enjoy working and having fun together. We all love this band!!!

We play music from the 50’s to the present, encompassing a variety of styles – from rock and roll to R&B to reggae, but we mainly love to ROCK!!. We play parties, charitable and corporate events and can be booked through twomenygirls@yahoo.com. Website: http://2menygirls.com/

Big Foot

Singer/Guitarist: Victor Rodrigues
singer/Guitarist: Joe Gomes
Singer/Keyboardist: Arnold Pereira
Singer/Bassist: Savio Menezes
Singer/Drummer: Solomon Clement



Susan Charendoff – Lead vocals
Bruce Jacobs – Keys/vocals
Arthur Kaminsky – Harmonica/vocals
Jeff Kramer – Bass
David Morrison – Guitar/vocals
Ken Sherman – Guitar/vocals
Stewart Stein – Percussion/vocals

Boomerangst was formed three years ago as a garage band. Over time we have managed to get out of the garage to perform for fundraising events and private parties. We play an eclectic mix of feel-good danceable pop, rock, blues and R+B from the 60s and 70s. This is our second Govfest, and we are thrilled to lend our support to this worthy cause.

Eternal Return

Regan Copeland guitar and vocals
David Drainie Taylor drums and vocals
David Serber bass and vocals

True to their name, Eternal Return will be returning to the Battle of the Bands for the third year in a row, with a combination of catchy covers and some premier performances of original tunes. The band features the Daves on drums ‘n bass and vocals, and Regan, the OPSer, on guitar and vocals. If the Daves coordinate their wardrobe, as is their custom, it might be once again impossible to tell them apart, prompting the question, which Dave is which? The only way to know is to buy a ticket and see for yourself.

More information and bookings: regancopeland.com

Arthur Band Leader, Drummer and Vocalist
Austin Lead male Vocalist, Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Dorothy Keyboards
Melvin Bass Guitar, Vocals
Oliver Drummer and Vocals
Daphne Female Vocalist
Benny Vocals
(The band is also occasionally joined by guest musicians Mike on Trumpet, Craig on guitar and Jerry on Sax)
The John Family band “Evolution” consists of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. The Band members started their adventure in music playing in separate bands and later teamed up to form a family band.

Three of the band members were drummers, so some of them had to change their initial instrument of choice to form the family band. The re-distribution of talent was a success and it was at this time that their father named them “Evolution”, as he said the self-taught musicians evolved and grew into a successful family band.

The Band members have different tastes in music, some “a little bit country” while some “a little bit “Rock & Roll”. The result is a delightful mix of music and works well for entertaining a diverse audience. The Band has been playing together for over 10 years and the Band members occasionally play with other bands, such as the famous Toronto Band, Daredevils of Soul. Two of the band members are with the OPS and this is their second year participating in Govfest – OPS Battle of the Bands.

Check them out on Youtube — “Evolution at the Opera House”.

Klez Konnection

Jonno Lightstone Clarinet and band leader
Lynda Friedman Flute
Lee Coplan Violin
Neil Cass Violin
Russ Spencer Violin
Ed Segalowitz Cello
Al Farrell Soprano Saxophone
Allan Rosenbluth Alto Saxophone
Ed Noy Tenor Saxophone
Moshe Feder Baritone Saxophone
Ellen Rosenbluth Keyboard
Marty Zatzman Guitar
Shelley Miller Bass
Terry Rosen Accordion

Klez Konnection, Canada’s largest community klezmer orchestra is based at Beth Tzedec Synagogue and currently boasts a membership of 16 musicians. Band members come from all walks of life, coming together to share their passion for Jewish music — especially klezmer music. They have performed at music festivals such as Ashkenaz and Jewish Music Week, and play regularly at charitable events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, restaurants and retirement homes. Under the leadership of clarinetist Jonno Lightstone, Klez Konnection brings to life the sound of traditional European klezmer music — a sound guaranteed to tickle your heart.

Late Shift

Dave Grisbrook Vocals
Lorna Batters Vocals (not available)
Pat Kinch Vocals
Robert Musgrove Guitar
Jeremy Blair Guitar
Bryan Hamer Bass
John Nicol Drums
Rosemary Cercone Tenor Saxophone
Alex Salewski Alto Saxophone
Al Belevski Keyboards

“Late Shift”, together in some iteration since the 1990s, started at the back of an MOE Central Region office on Overlea Blvd with staff spontaneously jamming or “making noise” together for a United Way BBQ Lunch.

Continually evolving, the size of the group and complexity of arrangements reflects a bold attempt to stretch boundaries and tackle more challenging material. There has always been a strong horn presence underscored by a discernible funk, soul and classic rock influence.

Charity events have been the raison d’être of the band’s existence. While the group has played at MOE conferences, bars, parties and weddings, efforts are focused on charity fund raisers including the United Way, Federated Health, Ryan’s Well Foundation and other public events.

Souled Out

Adryana lead vocals/percussion
Elvis Fernandes drums/band leader
Richard Francis bass/vocals
Ryan Jenkins guitar
Serena Carlucci Back-up vocals

Souled Out is an interactive band that is there to perform for the crowd and to involve listeners in the show, turning it into an experience everyone will enjoy.

Our very own “Queen Of Soul”, Adryana, will sing her heart out, but she will also jump off the stage and dance with the crowd or serenade a couple or a lone listener at their table.

Souled Out’s repertoire is specially selected to please everyone, touching virtually all genres from Soul, R&B and Funk, to Top 40s, Rock, Disco and Dance, and even specialty music from around the world.

The Band has been “Keeping the good music alive and kicking” since 2006, playing the GTA entertainment circuit and private events regularly. The reason for their success is not only thanks to their individual and collective talents, but also especially because of the motto they live by:
“We Are Here To Entertain You”.

The Briefing Notes

Ilan Muskat (MGS) vocals, saxophone
June Morrow (MGS) vocals, extra X chromosome
Taran Beaty (ENE) guitar
Sam Coxwell (MCS) bass
Edwin Harrigan (MGS) keyboard
Bernie Henry (MAG) drums
Michael Patton (MGS) harmonica and percussion

The Briefing Notes’ primary motive (after being approved of course) is to make you move.

This all-OPS band was formed in September 2013 through a comment on an intranet article, word of mouth and pure kismet. Collectively, their musical knowledge and experiences run deep, with members who have played in professional cover bands, created music for films, recorded original albums, performed in musicals and even choreographed flash mobs.

Current Status:
June and Bernie are single. Ilan, Taran, Edwin, Sam and Michael are taken (sorry!).

Recommendations and Next Steps:
With a killer set of disco, soul, rock, pop and new wave classics ahead of them, audiences are strongly advised to wear their dancing shoes. Vocal warm-ups for hooting, hollering and singing along are optional.

Come prepared to groove!

The Danforth Blues Band

Renzo Cincinnato – lead vocals
Ron Winn – harp & vocals
Lou Fata – drums, vocals & band manager (drew the short straw)
Dave Scheel – bass
Patrick Alleyne – lead guitar

A couple of years ago, during a neighbourhood BBQ (in the Danforth & Coxwell area of Toronto), a few guys realized they had a common link – besides being old – they had played in bar bands during their much younger days. This led them to dust off their “tools of the trade” and regularly get together over a pint (cleverly disguised as jam sessions).

This evolved over time, into a core group of 5 members who enjoy playing songs based on “traditional’ blues” arrangements (although more recently they have been exploring original works by their guitarist and the lead singer). The geography of the band’s origin & primary musical preference accounts for the band’s name, although renaming it continues to be a favourite post-jam past time to this day.

The band usually plays at charity fund raisers and isn’t in it for the money … really!

The Hurricanes

Brian Fukuzawa Vocals and guitar
Tom Melville Piano
Evan Schiller Organ, guitar and backing vocals
Steve Succi Bass
Phanny Im Drums
Henry Gluch Tenor sax

“The Hurricanes” was formed at the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Labour in response to a request from our Director to put together some music for a United Way launch. Some of the band is still with the Ministry and the branch and some have left (but for some reason they just won’t leave the band) and one member, Tom Melville, is from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Over the years, we have played at several United Way fundraising events, as well as other Ministry of the Attorney General and Ministry of Labour events, such as the 2011 Excelsior Awards and the MOL Legal Service Branch’s 45th anniversary celebration. Our repertoire is constantly changing – this time, you can expect classic rock hits guaranteed to make you dance, featuring psychedelic organ solos, wicked vocal harmonies, groovy drums, fierce guitar solos, and bombastic basslines. Can you dig it?

The Rock Steady Band

Lexie Reed – lead singer
Brad Hutchinson – lead guitarist – backup singer
Bill MacMillan – lead guitarist – lead singer
Anthony Terminesi – drummer
Curtis “The Rocker” – drummer
Mark Powell – bass guitarist – lead singer

This is our second year at the OPS Battle of the Bands. The Rock Steady Band has undergone some personnel changes over the last year, but with hard work, we have put together some great classic rock and R&B songs. We have had the opportunity to “strut” our stuff a few times at BBQ’s and bars with good reviews.
Four of our band members are from the Aurora and Woodbridge area, while the remaining two hail from Orangeville and Guelph. We have six band members with five playing at any one time. Alternate drummers allow us the flexibility in practice and “gig” scheduling.
We are happy to be back to perform at the 2014 OPS Battle of the Bands and look forward to contributing to this great cause of supporting the United Way and Ryan’s Well Foundation.

The Swinging Pussycats

Emily Copeland – Drums
David Millan – Guitar, vocals
Sean Greson – Bass
Sandi Nicholson – Vocals, guitar

The Swinging Pussycats are a four-piece surf pop garage rock band from Toronto. We do original music that spans a number of genres. Our Influences include old soul, the Specials, punk, surf, garage rock, blues.

Whiskey Mojo

Dave Vaillancourt, Guitar & Vocals
Jean Collins, Vocals & Keyboard
David Murray, Bass
John Zak, Drums

Whiskey Mojo’s band leader Dave Vaillancourt has been playing campfire music for several decades while living in Northern Ontario. He then formed a band and was joined by many talented musicians and successfully played around North Bay and area since 2007.

While working at the Ministry of Community and Social Services he met Jean Collins whom he convinced to join the band with her classic rock and east coast roots AND to marry him — not necessarily in that order.
Job circumstances brought them to the GTA and now with two seasoned musicians, John Zak steady on drums and David Murray on bass, they play pubs around the Durham Region.

They cover everything from Classic and Southern Rock to Modern Country, Oldies and Blues. They like to keep the dance floor busy and have the audience singing along to all their favourite songs.



Jerry Kiswa, Randy Pagsulingan, Jojo More, Alan Portuza, Randy Matalog and Angelo Matela.

These early risers first played together at a fundraising event for Typhoon Haiyan victims last December. Having played regularly at a local club, some of the members have laid low after being called to active (diaper) duties. Once in a while they are able to engage in covert operations to get together for tactical jamming sessions – before returning to home base with the bag of milk and/or groceries as commissioned.

Their affinity for rock music – whether classic, contemporary Christian, country or Pinoy – enables them to craft an armament of set lists that are nostalgic and timeless.

Delta Slim

Delta Slim (aka Joric Maglanque, Ministry of Labour) has been playing the blues since the mid-90s. He has recorded on 2 blues CDs and actively gigged with a band playing from traditional Chicago/Texas blues all the way to the blues-fusion of the Derek Trucks Band. These days he usually performs solo in the Delta bottleneck (e.g., Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson) or fingerpicking style (e.g., Big Bill Broonzy and Blind Blake). Joric will represent his home country the Philippines in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis on January 2015. If you are a hard-core blues fan, you will dig Delta Slim.


G-FORCE Members
Lead Guitar-Joe Freedman/Vocals
Bass Guitar-Frank Jarman/Vocals
Marcia Acker-Keyboard/Vocals
Drums-Mike Morrow
Lead Vocals-Chantal Damonze (MCSS)

Never heard of us? Don’t feel bad, nobody else has either. G-Force is a group of musicians that came together quite mystically on one full- moon evening when the “g-forces”of the universe could have decided otherwise. We still don’t really know how we ended up in Mike’s basement but we all thought we better do something especially after one very stubborn member signed everybody up for Battle of the Bands just 2 weeks prior. Despite the fact that we have never played together as a group, all G-Force members have played professionally at one time or another. We will be playing a collection of classic rock, pop, and R&B although most band members have explored and performed many other genres such as progressive rock and jazz. We bring our years of gigging and jamming to this event in order to create a “g-force” that will hopefully get you on the dance floor or at least tapping a toe. We are delighted to be playing Govfest for the first time and look forward to raising very needed funds for such worthwhile charities. Look forward to seeing you there.

Ministry of Funk and Long Term Hair

Our band members are Travis McCallum, John Cengarle, Alex Denike and Robin Paxton-Beesley.


Andrew Green – guitar, vocal
Mike Mancuso – bass, vocal
Sid Deutschland – drums
Gavin Sedgewick – vocal, theremin

There’s Gilligan and there’s Ginsberg, and between them is MR HOWL.

These guys spent a lot of time on the island listening to records. Their music is best described as art-rock with crayons, scribbled onto a place where punk and prog and rock&roll rub shoulders and thump ears.

Occasionally surfacing in a Queen West bar, MR HOWL otherwise spends their time in the garage, honing their craft, writing your new theme song. Come hear it at GovFest.


Umair Baig (guitar)
Nicholas Chan (vocals)
Mark Fernandez (keys)
Constantine Gatsis (guitar)
Tracey Irwin (vocals)
Jacqueline Kalina (vocals)
Aveet Vajawala (bass)
Christopher Young (drums)

P3 was originally formed in 2011 as EY’s entry in the inaugural Big 4 Battle of the Bands. The group is made up of practitioners from across EY’s service lines operating in the Greater Toronto Area including Advisory, Assurance, Tax and Transaction Advisory Services. The members’ experience and musical preferences are as varied as the service lines they represent, some having performed in previous rock bands, some with more classical training, and some with virtually no performance experience at all.

The band has built a reputation for dazzling technical proficiency, soaring vocal displays and energetic performances. Over the course of the last three years, the band has entertained audiences with rock faves such as Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses, Thunderstruck byAC/DC and You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi. That said, they’re not afraid to go out on a limb – they’ve also tackled technically challenging mash-ups such as Don’t Stop Believing / Enter Sandman, and Rock n’ Roll/Time Warp, and last year they pulled out all the stops by playing The Who’s Baba O’Riley complete with a Greek bouzouki! .

P3 is looking forward to giving another innovative, epic performance at GovFest!

Party in the Time of Cholera

Geoff Yunker (band lead)
Dave Taylor
Mike Yunker


Dr. Mike Relf: Specialist in Vocal Dysphonia and Keyboard Carpal Tunnel
Dr. Mark Iwinski: Specialist in Guitar Trigger Finger Syndrome
Dr. Andy Rankine: Specialist in Bottom End Reconstruction through Bass Vibrations
Dr. Kyle Dearlove: Specialist in Auditory Exploratory Surgery using Drum Sticks

Proküre is an all OPS members band that strives at every performance to infect their fans with a nasty earwürm. Proküre has self-proclaimed themselves as the ‘cosmetic surgeons of rock’ for their canny ability to raise eyebrows and reduce frown lines. Their eclectic mix of classic rock, blues influence and taste for the contemporary, will surely have you singing and dancing along to their solid grooves.

As lifetime students of music, members of Proküre met in a jam hall, and officially formed in January 2014 in response to a request to provide musical entertainment at a Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) gala event. Their debut was so successful that the band was approached to write an original song to promote the launch of a new section of an OMAFRA intranet site.

If you would like to secure Proküre to play at your next party, charitable or corporate event, then just shoot an email to secureprokure@gmail.com and they will be in touch.


Todd Cooper – lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
Al Godin – rhythm guitar / percussion
Peter Wiszniewski – drums
Paul Van Rijn – bass
Daniel Van Kranendonk – rhythm and lead guitar

The bandmembers os "Samadhi", from left to right: Al Godin, Paul Van Rijn, Todd Cooper and Peter Wiszniewski.
Samadhi will be performing all original material touching on themes of identity, dreams, spirituality and faith. Approaching the material through a roots rock lens we aim to move our audience to new heights. Todd Cooper has been singing, writing and performing music most of his life. He began collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Al Godin from Environment Canada five years ago and they have performed in concerts, events and a radio program together. Recently teaming up with the steady bass man Paul Van Rijn also from Environment Canada, drummer Peter Wiszniewski and Engineer / jazz style guitarist Daniel Van Kranendonk currently living in Denmark we hope to create an engaging and memorable set for Govfest.

The Castor Troys

Aaron Walsh – Lead Vocals
Christien Ledroit – Guitar and Background Vocals
Matthew Bowker – Bass and Background Vocals
Nick Fowler (MOECC) – Drums
Stephanie Ledroit – special guest, keyboard

Driving rock / punk rock 4-piece out of Burlington, ON.
The Castor Troys are taking punk and hard rock to new songwriting heights. Their music ranges from the slower, dirty-blues-punk sound of “Broken Black Heart” to the Bad Religion-esque “We Do Believe”, and the fist-pumping anthemic “High Stakes”. Influences hint at The Offspring, Headstones, Bad Religion and Social Distortion, but the sound is all their own.

Formed in 2009 in Burlington, Ontario, The Castor Troys mix storytelling with hard driving rhythms and a never-say-die attitude. Named after the brilliant, flamboyant and uber-evil villain in John Woo’s classic Face/Off, The Castor Troys mirror this combination of elegance, intelligence, power and intensity. The sound is relentless, yet comes from careful crafting.

With decades of experience, members have shared the stage with Finger Eleven, Headstones, Theory of a Deadman, Propaghandi, The Planet Smashers, LimbLifter, The Reason, Guttermouth, Teenage Head and Silverstein, among others.

The Castor Troys – Your new favourite villains.

The Invisible Hands

Ed Crummey Drums
Brian Lewis Guitar
Sumon Mukherjee Lead Singer and Bass
Dan Padro Guitar

Invisible Hands Picture 1
“The Invisible Hands” were formed among staff and alumni of the Office of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Finance to provide music for the retirement party of Chief Economist and Assistant Deputy Minister Patrick Deutscher in September 2014. Three of the band members are with the Ministry of Finance, while one member, Brian Lewis, is with the Ministry of Labour. The name of the band is drawn from the work of Adam Smith, pioneer of the field of economics who described the behaviour of markets as “the invisible hand”. The band has been together for three months now, and is entering its second ever performance at GovFest 2014. Their repertoire consists almost entirely of Ramones covers, with the occasional courageous leap into the punk bands they heavily influenced such as the Clash. Hey! Ho! Lets Go!

The Secondments

Vocals: Erin Jones (George Brown College),
Bass guitar/Backing vocal: Steve Turner (Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs),
Guitar: Alan Kary (Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs),
Guitar/Vocal: Jason Guitard (Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs),
Drums: Eli Robillard (MNP LLP),
Keyboards: Al Belevski (Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change).

The Secondments came about as a result of once-in-a-lifetime astral alignments and the fawning indulgences of the Gods!!!!!!

The real truth is slightly more mundane. A few years ago, a group of Aboriginal OPS employees were going to enter an all-Aboriginal OPS band into Govfest. As fate would have it, timing and other activities prevented this from happening, but the idea was born from this initial effort. Over time, staff from the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs put together a small, in-house band to play at ministry events, supported by Deputy Minister David de Launay, an excellent keyboardist and prior Govfest participant and winner.

As far as indulgences go, many of The Secondments experienced their formative years in the 1980’s, and this is reflected in their selection of music, as well as more recent tunes. They look forward to playing for you, and hope you enjoy the show!


Jeff Spence – Lead Vocals
David Langstaff – Lead Guitar
Dan Alexander – Drums, Vocals
John Violette – Guitar, Mandolin
Barry Peters – Bass, Vocals

A couple of years ago 5 guys decided to throw their fears to the wind and not worry that their friends thought they were going through a mid-life crisis. They started jamming – literally in a garage in the Niagara region. Other than the lead guitarist, music was new to them. They quickly realized they wanted to move beyond the garage and WhiteSpace was born.

Wikipedia describes Whitespace as “space where rules are vague, authority is fuzzy, budgets are nonexistent and strategy is unclear.” Yup, that pretty much describes us.

WhiteSpace believes it’s never too late to pursue your dream of being in a Rock and Roll Band.

The Danger Cats (non-competing band)

The Danger Cats are an all-girl alternative rock band from Sault Ste. Marie. The line-up includes the incredible photographer and dedicated lifeguard Katie Calico on drums, the two extraordinary hairstylists Jamie Jaguar on bass and Paula Panther on guitar, and the MNRF’s own office assistant SEO Katherine Kougar on guitar and voice. The Danger Cats have been playing with their current line-up since December of 2013. The girls boast a set-list of 40 covers and 6 originals of varying degrees of ROCK!