2 Meny Girls
Paul Stanners: Guitar and vocals
Greg Stanners Guitar and Bass
Marcelle Dixon: Vocals and keyboards
Cindy Milne: Drums
Sue Fukushima: Bass, keyboards, and vocals
After many years of playing off and on together as well as with other bands, the members of 2MenyGirls have come together as musical team members who really enjoy working and having fun together. We all love this band!!!We play music from the 50′s to the present, encompassing a variety of styles – from rock and roll to R&B to reggae, but we mainly love to ROCK!!. We play parties, charitable and corporate events and can be booked through twomenygirls@yahoo.com. Website: http://2menygirls.com/

Classic Thrill
Constantine Gatsis: Lead guitar, backup vocals
Tom Maras: Lead vocals, keyboards
Ted Havaris: Drums
Ken Ono: Bass and backup vocals

band_classic thrill2015“Classic Thrill” is a tribute to rock anthem songs from famous rock bands ranging from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles as well as newer music from current bands. Anything fast and hard with a good vibe can be on the set list on any given night. The pounding drums combined with a steamy bass line provide a foundational backdrop to the melodious keyboards, screaming guitar and powerful vocals. During the weekdays these 4 guys are running their own business, auditing Govt processes or involved with technology. Keep your eyes open though…you may think you are back in 70s or 80s when you hear their sound.

Delta Slim
Joric Maglanque: Solo guitar/vocals

Delta Slim (aka Joric Maglanque, Ministry of Labour) has recorded on 2 blues compilations albums and was active in the Philippine blues scene before residing in Toronto. These days he performs solo in the Mississippi Delta bottleneck (e.g., Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson) or fingerpicking style (e.g., Blind Blake or Blind Boy Fuller). Last January 2015, Joric was a quarterfinalist representing his home country — the Philippines — in the solo category of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. If you need an acoustic blues fix, you will dig Delta Slim.

Eternal Return
Regan Copeland guitar and vocals
David D.Taylor drums and vocals
David Serber bass and vocals


“We’re Eternal Return – so called for obvious reasons. Interested in what we have to offer?
Click here for videos of us performing at last year’s B.O.T.B.”


Arthur: Vocals
Dorothy: Keyboards/Vocals
Melvin: Bass
Oliver: Drums
Austin: Guitar
Mike: Trumpet
Craig: Guitar
Ruth: Keyboards


The John Family band Evolution band consists of 5 brothers and 2 sisters.  The Band members started their adventure in music playing in separate bands and later teamed up to form a family band.

Three of the band members were drummers so some of them had to change their initial instrument of choice to form the family band.  The re-distribution of talent was a success and it was at this time that their father suggested they call themselves  “EVOLUTION”,as he said the self-taught musicians evolved and grew into a successful family band.

The Band members have different tastes in music, some “a little bit country” while some “a little bit “Rock & Roll” .  The result is a delightful mix of music and works well for entertaining a diverse audience.  The Band has been playing together for over 10 years and the Band members occasionally play with other bands, such as the famous Toronto Band, Daredevils of Soul.  Two of the band members are OPSers and this is their fourth year participating in the Govfest.  Check them out on Youtube – “Evolution at the Opera House” and “Evolution at the Velvet Underground”

Chantal Damonze: Vocals
Joe Freedman: Lead Guitar
Marcia Acker: Piano
Mike Morrow: Drums
Jason Borden: Saxaphone
Frank Jarman: Bass Guitar

Never heard of us? Don’t feel bad, nobody else has either. G-Force is a group of musicians that came together quite mystically on one full- moon evening when the “g-forces”of the universe could have decided otherwise. We still don’t really know how we ended up in Mike’s basement but we all thought we better do something especially after one very stubborn member signed everybody up for Battle of the Bands just 2 weeks prior. Despite the fact that we have never played together as a group, all G-Force members have played professionally at one time or another. We will be playing a collection of classic rock, pop, and R&B although most band members have explored and performed many other genres such as progressive rock and jazz. We bring our years of gigging and jamming to this event in order to create a “g-force” that will hopefully get you on the dance floor or at least tapping a toe. We are delighted to be playing Govfest for the first time and look forward to raising very needed funds for such worthwhile charities. Look forward to seeing you there.

The Briefing Notes
Ilan Muskat (MGS) vocals, tenor saxophone
Michael Patton (MGS) harmonica
Alan Cairns (TBS) bass, vocals
Peter Evans: drums
Sam Coxwell: bass
Edwin Harrigan (TBS): keyboard
Samy Elias: Alto Saxophone


Seeking your approval for the Briefing Notes’ primary objective, to make you move.

This all-OPS band was formed in September 2013 through a comment on an intranet article, word of mouth and pure kismet. Collectively, and historically, their musical knowledge and experiences run deep, with members who have played in professional cover bands, created music for films, recorded original albums, performed in musicals and even choreographed flash mobs.

Current status:
2013 Govfest champions; 2014 Govfest participants. 2015 Govfest

Recommendations and Next Steps:
With a killer set of funk, soul, rock, pop and reggae classics ahead of them, audiences are strongly advised to wear their dancing shoes. Vocal warm-ups for hooting, hollering and singing along are optional.

Come prepared to groove!

The Danforth Blues Band
Renzo Cincinnato: Lead Vocals
David Scheel: Bass
Lou Fata: Drums
Patrick Alleyne: Guitar
Ron Winn: Harmonica


A couple of years ago, during a neighbourhood BBQ (in the Danforth & Coxwell area of Toronto), a few guys realized they had a common link – besides being old – they had played in bar bands during their much younger days. This led them to dust off their “tools of the trade” and regularly get together over a pint (cleverly disguised as jam sessions).

This evolved over time, into a core group of 5 members who enjoy playing songs based on “traditional’ blues” arrangements. The geography of the band’s origin & primary musical preference accounts for the band’s name, although renaming it continues to be a favourite post-jam past time to this day.

The band members are; Renzo Cincinnato – lead vocals, Ron Winn – harp & vocals, Lou Fata – drums, vocals & band manager (drew the short straw), Dave Scheel – bass and Patrick Alleyne – lead guitar.

The band usually plays at charity fund raisers and isn’t in it for the money … really!

Also follow us on Facebook … ‘Like’ us and get updates on our next show …. And our website, www.danforthbluesband.ca

The Invisible Hands
Ed Crummey Drums
Brian Lewis Guitar
Sumon Mukherjee Lead Singer and Bass
Dan Padro Guitar

Invisible Hands Picture 1
“The Invisible Hands” were formed among staff and alumni of the Office of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Finance to provide music for the retirement party of Chief Economist and Assistant Deputy Minister Patrick Deutscher in September 2014. All four of the band members are currently with the Ministry of Finance, three with the Office of Economic Policy. The name of the band is drawn from the work of Adam Smith, pioneer of the field of economics, who described the behaviour of markets as “the invisible hand”.

The band had only been together three months before GovFest 2014, and were very excited to proceed to the final at the Glen Gould theatre. Their repertoire consists mostly of 1970s punk rock covers (Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols) with the occasional leap into metal and a few “original covers” of their own. Hey! Ho! Lets Go!

The Hurricanes
Brian Fukuzawa: Vocals, Keyboard
Evan Schiller: Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Steven Succi: Vocals, Bass Guitar
Safiya Habib: Vocals
Phanny Im, Rubin Thomlinson: Drums


“The Hurricanes” was formed at the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Labour in response to a request from our Di-rector to put together some music for a United Way launch. Most of the band is still with the Ministry and the branch and one has left (but for some reason she just won’t leave the band). Over the years, we have played at several United Way fundraising events, as well as other Ministry of the Attorney General and Ministry of Labour events, such as the 2011 Excelsior Awards and the MOL Legal Service Branch’s 45th anniversary celebration. Our repertoire is constantly changing – this time, you can expect classic hits from the legendary British rock band, Queen.

The Swinging Pussycats
Emily Copeland – Drums
David Millan – Guitar, vocals
Sean Greson – Bass
Sandi Nicholson – Vocals, guitar

The Swinging Pussycats are a four-piece surf pop garage rock band from Toronto. We do original music that spans a number of genres. Our Influences include old soul, the Specials, punk, surf, garage rock, blues.

The Secondments
Erin Jones: Vocals
Steve Turner (MAA): Bass guitar/Backing
Eli Robillard (MNP LLP): Drums
Jason Guitard (MAA): Guitar, Vocal
Chris Odd: Guitar
Al Belevski (LRC): Keyboard
Gareth Jenkins: Guitar

The Secondments came about as a result of once-in-a-lifetime astral alignments and the fawning indulgences of the Gods!!!!!!

The real truth is slightly more mundane. A few years ago, a group of Aboriginal OPS employees were going to enter an all-Aboriginal OPS band into Govfest. As fate would have it, timing and other activities prevented this from happening, but the idea was born from this initial effort. Over time, staff from the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs put together a small, in-house band to play at ministry events, supported by Deputy Minister David de Launay, an excellent keyboardist and prior Govfest participant and winner.

As far as indulgences go, many of The Secondments experienced their formative years in the 1980’s, and this is reflected in their selection of music, as well as more recent tunes. They look forward to playing for you, and hope you enjoy the show!

Jeff Spence – Lead Vocals
David Langstaff – Lead Guitar
Dan Alexander – Drums
John Violette – Rhythm Guitar
Barry Peters – Bass


A couple of years ago 5 guys decided to throw their fears to the wind and not worry that their friends thought they were going through a mid life crisis. They started jamming – literally in a garage. They quickly realized they wanted to move beyond the garage.

The band name was decided at a Matt Anderson concert. The guys agreed they would open the music program, close their eyes and point at a random word on the page. They pointed at a blank white space in the program. Thus, WhiteSpace was born.

Wikipedia describes Whitespace as “space where rules are vague, authority is fuzzy, budgets are nonexistent and strategy is unclear.” Yup, that pretty much describes us.

WhiteSpace believes it’s never too late to pursue your dream of being in a Rock and Roll Band.

Steve Convey – Leader, Guitar and vocals
Jason Bulgin – Guitar (Cancer Care Ontario Employee)
Basanth Menon – Lead Vocals
Rafae Rehman – Drums
Jesus Cova– Guitar
Anupam Rawla – Harmonica


Accentricity came together recently to participate in the 2015 Govfest competition. Our band members hail from different parts of Accenture’s business: Strategy, Technology, Systems Integration and Innovation. One of our band members is a Senior Project manager with Cancer Care Ontario and a former Accenture employee. Accentricity is a great example of Accenture culture -a group of people coming together with a common love for music, working as a team to support a great cause and a desire to live up to our motto: High Performance. Delivered.

Ashland Avenue
Linda Hajling: Vocal
Cesare Parenti: Vocal, Guitar
Fausto Sorba: Vocal, Bass Guitar
Paul Luscombe: Vocal, Drums
Michael Churchill: Vocal, Guitar
Steve Calligan: Vocal, Guitar

Ashland Avenue came together in 2010 in Hamilton Ontario. Although the band calls Hamilton home its members come from all across the Golden Horseshoe. Their tastes range all over the musical map that makes for a fun, high energy danceable set list that is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Crash Control
Paul Mathur – Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Michael DeMichele – Guitars
Arieh Kolet – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Andrew Gnagnarella – Drums


Crash Control is by far the fastest and most last minute band ever formed in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. – Two Days Flat!
Three of us come from the MTO Central Region Engineering office, one from ServiceOntario. Although our musical backgrounds may have originated in different countries but once together, we prove that music has no boundaries. The origin of the band was primarily to get together to have fun with something most have us have not done for a very long time and to play some good old Rock ‘n’ Roll. We all consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to contribute to the good cause that this event is geared towards.

Coral Riff
Todd Cooper (MNR&F) – Guitar, vocals
Al Godin (Environment Canada or EC) – Drums, vocals
Terry Simmons (EC)- Guitar, vocals
James Rae (EC) – Guitar
Susie Simmons – Bass guitar, vocals
Earl Tucker – Harmonica


In the true spirit of collaboration we have ‘Coral Riff’ uniting staff from Natural Resources and Forestry (Todd) & Transportation (Earl) with our federal counterparts in Environment Canada (Terry, James & Al) and Susie who is a teacher. Blending voices and talents we present to you a wide array of music ranging from rock to reggae to punk presenting some great original and cover material all in the spirit of creating an inviting sound display for this year’s Govfest 2015! Earl Tucker loves the blues and provides great melodies on the harmonica. Al who has been playing drums and percussion for decades also kicks in great vocals and original material. Al was in the touring group ‘Pegasus’ back in the 80’s. He has also taught drums and plays in his spare time in a ‘Big Band’ and other musical projects. Terry Simmons passion lends itself to heavier rock and has been playing guitar for several years. He also writes and records music. Susie is a music teacher and classically trained pianist. In Coral Riff Susie provides solid rhythm on the bass as well as vocals. James Rae is a self-taught guitarist and has been playing for almost 20 years. He weaves creative and artistic guitar work in Coral Riff providing a colourful blend of sound. Todd Cooper is a big fan of world music and has been playing guitar, singing and writing songs from a very young age. After university he began taking voice lessons and singing opera while later turning his attention to jazz and big band music. More recently he has participated in various music projects at open stages, a music store and various charity events.

Dark Horse
Patrick Turenne: Guitar
Paul Robinson : Guitar
Noel Burke: Bass Guitar
Ray Andrzejewski: Drums
Shalini Neubert: Voice/Percussion

The Dark Horse always emerges when you least expect it, from down the long, narrow, tagged Toronto back lanes and a garage refuge where we hone the craft of mixing up the medicine of word with sound. When our forefathers kept horses in those back lanes and the Legion halls were the hangout of that generation that came back from the war; panelled walls and trophy cases with medals; nothing fine, but the beer was good and Canadian, like rye whiskey. They took their muddled way out the back door through those lanes to get back home again. New wine is made old by immigrants as cicadas hum in the late sultry summer sunshine to the sound of transistor radio…Toronto knows these places and time passed in them. How do we get it all in? Come and listen to the sonic equivalent of the growl, the dirt, the angst, the poetry and the movement of time…someone has to do it; for all of us.

Doc Prog and the Rawktologists
Mike Yunker: Guitar/vocals
Geoff Yunker: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Beauprie: Keyboard/vocals
Dave Taylor: Drums

Patrick Ouellet – Guitar
Douglas Ngira
A group of employee from the Office of Francophone Affairs, came together to celebrate the 400th year of the francophone presence in Ontario and promote francophone music in Ontario within the OPS.

Government Rock Picnic (GRP)
Pat Kinch, MOECC
Taran Beaty, MOECC
Denis Jugloff, MOECC
Bryan Hamer, Retired MCSCS


GRP is an eclectic group of colleagues who came together to express the joy of music. Their tastes vary from early soul and rock to contemporary pop and jazz…..willing to go wherever the music picnic takes them! They have just been playing together for a few months but already have a groove that is all their own! Made up of colleagues from the MOECC and one retired dude from MCSCS, they are a quartet that really rocks it. Love to play charities for free, can occasionally be spotted at local bars having fun with the patrons, and were a featured act at this summer’s Open Tuning Festival! Come join the feast that is Government Rock Picnic.

You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter – Government Rock Picnic.

Got Groove!

Mike Peltenburg, Education (consultant): Drums
Peter Christidis, Health and Long Term Care (paramedic): Guitar
Frank Fontyn, Education (North York District School Board): Keyboards
Krystle Blue: Vocals
Linda Luztono: Vocals
Percy Nicolas: Bass guitar


GOT GROOVE is a Toronto area dance band playing some of the best hits from the 70’s to today. The band features the vocals of Krystle Blue and Linda Luztono. Krystle is a Caribbean Idol finalist and was named “Best New Artist” at the USA World Showcase at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. She has also performed at the Apollo Theatre in New York. Linda’s first single “One” sat at #1 on the 93.7 WBLK unsigned hype top 10 countdown for four weeks in a row. As for Frank, Percy, Peter, and Mike, we’ve played with several bands in and around the GTA over the years and although we’re in it strictly for fun, the entire band shares the same passion for GROOVIN’ TUNES and performing.

To hire us for your event, please visit our website at http://gotgroove.ca

Julie Mullin – Drums, Vocals
Shelley Moorhead – Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Melanie Ledgerwood – Bass
Eric Fox – Lead Guitar
Mannie Brockerville – Guitar , Vocals


Kindled in the Waterloo underground (undisclosed residential basement), PG45’s eclectic members keep the toes tapping with their renditions of classic rock tunes. Through a chance meeting at their children’s music lesson waiting room, lead/rhythm guitarist Eric, rhythm/lead guitarist Mannie and drummer Julie, inspired to ‘rock out’ with songs from the vinyl 45 era ,while giving some Parental Guidance to their offspring. Complemented with soulful lead vocalist Shelley and the groove setting bassist Melanie, PG45 can be found regaling the locals at KW area community festivals. With echoing guitar riffs and upbeat rhythms, PG45 keeps the mood light hearted and fun. They proudly represented the KW region at the El Mocambo during past Govfest events. “It was a lifelong dream to play the famous ELMO” Shelley confesses, who grew up in T.O. and enjoyed the music scene it attracted. Excited to perform again for Govfest, Battle of the Bands , PG45 is focused on keeping you on your feet. Strap on your air guitar and dust off you dancing shoes , as PG45 loves to see you strut your stuff!

The Chalk Lines

Colin Branscombe: Singer
Justin Amey: Rhythm Guitar
Steve Chiasson: Lead Guitar
Joey McWilliams: Drums
David Stokes: Bass

This five piece Indie/Alternative Rock cover band hailing from Kingston, features members from MOH and TBS Ministries. Colin, Steve and Dave, having played music for over a decade together in previous bands, teamed up with Justin and Joey to form The Chalk Lines earlier this summer. These guys have enjoyed playing various venues around the Kingston area over the years and are gearing up to play several gigs through the fall and winter in the area.

Scott MacHattie

Scott MacHattie: Vocals, guitar and percussion pedal


A few years ago, an unforgettable trip to Ireland and Scotland lead me to develop a greater interest in traditional folk music. The music was quite a departure from the alternative and classic rock I had previously sang and played in garages, pubs and karaoke bars over the years. After completely immersing myself in songs from the likes of the Dubliners, Clancy Brothers and Robbie Burns, I developed the proper brogue and began performing at venues across the GTA. My sound has been described as an entertaining modern folk rock twist on traditional Irish/Scottish folk. I am very excited to perform for such a great cause at this year’s 2015 GovFest Battle of the Bands!

Train Wreck
John Polsinelli (Drums)
John Bourke (Bass Guitar/Vocals)
Scott McCuaig (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Mike Connon (Lead Guitar)