2 Meny Girls

Paul Stanners: Guitar and vocals
Greg Stanners Guitar and Bass
Marcelle Dixon: Vocals and keyboards
Cindy Milne: Drums
Sue Fukushima: Bass, keyboards, and vocals
After many years of playing off and on together as well as with other bands, the members of 2MenyGirls have come together as musical team members who really enjoy working and having fun together. We all love this band!!!We play music from the 50′s to the present, encompassing a variety of styles – from rock and roll to R&B to reggae, but we mainly love to ROCK!!. We play parties, charitable and corporate events and can be booked through twomenygirls@yahoo.com. Website: http://2menygirls.com/


Steve Convey – Leader, Guitar and vocals
Jason Bulgin – Guitar (Cancer Care Ontario Employee)
Basanth Menon – Lead Vocals
Rafae Rehman – Drums
Jesus Cova– Guitar


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Accentricity formed in 2015 an is a great example of Accenture’s culture in action – a group of people coming together with a common love for music, working as a team to support a great cause and a desire to live up to our motto: High Performance. Delivered.

The Accolades

Michael Shanahan, Guitar/vocals
Sandy Murphy, Bass
Mark Athanasiadis, Drums
Thomas Thurley, Vocals
Kaelin Murphy, Trumpet
Chris Anderson-Lundy, Saxophone

The Accolades are a progressive funk fusion band out of Toronto, Ontario. Consisting of Music Students from UofT, York University, and Humber College, The Accolades bring high energy to every show they play, making everyone want to get up and dance.

Agent Blue

Lonnie Aarson – Keyboard
Bill Plaxton – Bass
Rollie Dupras – Guitar
Paul Halladay – Guitar
Gord McRae – Drums

Agent Blue is a Kingston-based band, made up of “weekend warriors” dedicated to playing good tunes and having fun doing it. The band plays a diverse repertoire, influenced by: Blues, Jazz, Rock, and R&B. The band has made regular appearances at the Kingston Blues Festival and Clubs in the Kingston area.

Almost Lovers

Justin Dossett – Gadgets/vocals
Stephanie Gora – Electric Guitar/vocals

The band "Almost Lovers"



Almost Lovers is a Toronto band making moody music with gadgets and guitars.

Justin and Steph met through a mutual friend, a former OPS employee, and learned that they shared similar interests in music. Justin mixes his electronic leanings with Steph’s 70s folk-rock guitar stylings. The band name comes from their appreciation of writing songs about complicated relationships, though they are not in one together.

Ashland Avenue

Linda Hajling: Vocal
Cesare Parenti: Vocal, Guitar
Fausto Sorba: Vocal, Bass Guitar
Paul Luscombe: Vocal, Drums
Michael Churchill: Vocal, Guitar

Ashland Avenue came together in 2010 in Hamilton Ontario. Although the band calls Hamilton home its members come from all across the Golden Horseshoe. Their tastes range all over the musical map that makes for a fun, high energy danceable set list that is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Certifiably Strung

Jaya Gunawan – Ukelele/Harmonica
Amy Loh – Ukelele
Ivan Haffenden – Ukelele
Aldina Russell – Ukelele
Aaron Faminial – Ukelele
Pete Schweigel – Vocal
Carol Wilson – Vocal
Lana Carillo – Vocal
Dora Nipp – Ukelele
Richard Fouchaux – Ukelele
Jeff Poirer – Ukelele


Certifiably Strung was born in 2014 from an Employee Engagement initiative. Now in its sophomore year, members have come and gone except for the heart Jaya, Amy and Ivan. All band members, except for one jammy retiree, are from MAG!

The band at various times has been known to flash-mob their colleagues at their retirements, wedding showers and birthdays! These are the members:

Sopranino & Soprano ukes / kazoo: Amy Loh

Soprano uke / harp: Jaya Gunawan

Soprano uke: Dora Nipp

Tenor uke: Aaron Faminial

Concert uke: Aldina Russell

Baritone uke / kazoo: Ivan “Zack X. McBuick” Haffenden

Concert uke: Dora Nipp

Concert uke: Richard Fouchaux

Concert uke: Jeff Poirier

Voc.: Lana Carillo

Voc./perc.: Pete “Moss” Schweigel

Voc./perc./band director: Carol Wilson

Chakko Kotturan

Chakko Kottuan – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Chitrita Chakko – Bass Guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Keynes Kotturan – electric guitar, acoustic guitar

The Chalk Lines

Joey McWilliams  – Drums and Vocals

Colin Branscombe – Lead Vocals

Steve Chiasson – Lead Guitar

Dave Stokes – Bass and Vocals


This four piece, high energy, Indie/Alternative Rock cover band hailing from Kingston, features members from MOH and TBS Ministries and a Costco man. These guys have enjoy playing various venues and festivals around Kingston and area over the years.

Chantal Barrette

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Crash Control

Paul Mathur – Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Michael DeMichele – Guitars
Arieh Kolet – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Andrew Gnagnarella – Drums



Crash Control is a high energy raw rock n roll band that plays music from the 60’s right through to today’s hits, with original music planned for the future. Crash Control is made up of four Ministry of Transportation (MTO) employees who formed the band in the fall of 2015 to enter the 2015 OPS United Way Battle of the Bands and have been together ever since:

Michael (Guitar and Vocals) has been playing music since he was a teenager and he is heavily influenced by the music of the 1960’s, 1980’s New Age as well as today’s sounds.  Andrew (Drums) has been playing drums since he was 12 years old and has performed in several bands over the years.  His biggest musical influences are 1990’s and 2000’s punk rock bands such as Blink 182.  Arieh (Guitar and Vocals) has been playing guitar and singing since he was 10 years old and loves the classic rock of the 60’s through to the present day. Few of his biggest influences are Mark Knopfler & Eric Clapton. Paul (Bass and Vocals) plays fretted and fretless bass, keyboards, guitar, sings and is a songwriter and has played in original and cover progressive and hard rock bands since the late 1970‘s, including CODA and the Police Review. Together they create electric magic as “Crash Control”.

The Danforth Blues Band

Renzo Cincinnato: Lead Vocals
David Scheel: Bass
Lou Fata: Drums
Patrick Alleyne: Guitar
Ron Winn: Harmonica


A couple of years ago, during a neighbourhood BBQ (in the Danforth & Coxwell area of Toronto), a few guys realized they had a common link – besides being old – they had played in bar bands during their much younger days. This led them to dust off their “tools of the trade” and regularly get together over a pint (cleverly disguised as jam sessions).

This evolved over time, into a core group of 5 members who enjoy playing songs based on “traditional’ blues” arrangements. The geography of the band’s origin & primary musical preference accounts for the band’s name, although renaming it continues to be a favourite post-jam past time to this day.

The band members are; Renzo Cincinnato – lead vocals, Ron Winn – harp & vocals, Lou Fata – drums, vocals & band manager (drew the short straw), Dave Scheel – bass and Patrick Alleyne – lead guitar.

The band usually plays at charity fund raisers and isn’t in it for the money … really!

Also follow us on Facebook … ‘Like’ us and get updates on our next show!

Dark Horse

Patrick Turenne: Guitar
Paul Robinson : Guitar
Noel Burke: Bass Guitar
Ray Andrzejewski: Drums
Shalini Neubert: Voice/Percussion

A long standing partnership includes vocal harmonies, guitars, keyboard and drums playing a mix of covers and originals of electric folk, blues and roots rock.

The Dark Horse always emerges when you least expect it, from down the long, narrow, tagged Toronto back lanes and a garage refuge where we hone the craft of mixing up the medicine of word with sound. When our forefathers kept horses in those back lanes and the Legion halls were the hangout of that generation that came back from the war; panelled walls and trophy cases with medals; nothing fine, but the beer was good and Canadian, like rye whiskey. They took their muddled way out the back door through those lanes to get back home again. New wine is made old by immigrants as cicadas hum in the late sultry summer sunshine to the sound of transistor radio…Toronto knows these places and time passed in them. How do we get it all in? Come and listen to the sonic equivalent of the growl, the dirt, the angst, the poetry and the movement of time…someone has to do it; for all of us.

Delta Slim

Joric Maglanque: Solo guitar/vocals

Delta Slim (aka Joric Maglanque, Ministry of Labour) has recorded on 2 blues compilations albums and was active in the Philippine blues scene before residing in Toronto. These days he performs solo in the Mississippi Delta bottleneck (e.g., Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson) or fingerpicking style (e.g., Blind Blake or Blind Boy Fuller). Last January 2015, Joric was a quarterfinalist representing his home country — the Philippines — in the solo category of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. If you need an acoustic blues fix, you will dig Delta Slim.

The Dragonflys

Jonathan Knowles – Bass
Dave Raué – Guitar & Vocals
Manny Da Silva – Drums
The Dragonflys are a Classic Rock and Blues band from Toronto. The band is Dave “Rave” Raué on Guitar and Vocals, Manny Da Silva on the Traps and Jonny Knowles on Bass. They have been playing together since September 2014, and play a wide range of originals, covers and original covers.

Drums Along the Gardiner

Ivan Haffenden – Bass
Peter Schweigel – Vocals & Percussion
Drew Reavie – Guitar
Ian Esquivale – Drums

The Band Drums Along the Gardiner

Three-chord Garage band (“Great Lakes Wall of Sound”): Mostly original songs written in a style that combines classic garage styles of the mid-1960’s (e.g., Shadows of Knight, Ugly Ducklings) with the best of the 1977 “new wave”-type punk (e.g., Ramones, etc.)

Dympna McConnell

Owen Warnica – Elec Bass
Dympna Radford – Elec Guitar
Peter Cassidy – Elec Guitar
Joff Ward – Drums

An Original Rock Band

Eternal Return

Regan Copeland guitar and vocals
David D.Taylor drums and vocals
David Serber bass and vocals


“We’re Eternal Return – so called for obvious reasons. Interested in what we have to offer?
Click here for videos of us performing at last year’s B.O.T.B.”



Arthur – Band Leader, Drummer and Vocalist
Austin – Lead Vocalist, Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Dorothy (Dolly)  – Keyboards, Vocals
Melvin – Bass Guitar,  Vocals
Oliver – Drummer and Vocals
Mike – Trumpet
Craig – Lead Guitar
Daphne – Vocals
Benny – Vocals


The John Family band “ Evolution” consists of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. The Band members started their musical journey playing in separate bands and later teamed up to form a family band.

Three of the band members were drummers so some of them had to change their initial instrument of choice to form the family band. The re-distribution of talent was a success and it was at this time that their father suggested they call themselves “EVOLUTION”, as he said the self-taught musicians evolved and grew into a successful family band.
The Band members have different tastes in music, so audiences are entertained by a good mix blues, classic rock and country. The Band has been playing together for over 20 years and the Band members play in other bands as well, such as the famous Toronto Band, Daredevils of Soul. In addition to playing for weddings, Dances and Community events, the Band has entered “Govfest” Battle of the bands since 2009. Check out the Band on Youtube: Evolution at the Opera House and Evolution at the Velvet Underground.

The John Family Band Evolution also includes two very talented musicians, Mike Davis on Trumpet and Craig Armstrong on Lead Guitar.

Form One

Shane Hickingbottom – Guitar

Tom Walli – Guitar & keyboards

Richard Tremblay – Drums

Phil James – Bass

Dave Bentley – Lead vocals


Government Rock Picnic (GRP)

Pat Kinch, Vocals
Taran Beaty, Guitar, Vocals
Denis Jugloff, Drums
Bryan Hamer, Bass

GRP is an eclectic group of colleagues who came together to express the joy of music.  Their tastes vary from early soul and rock to contemporary pop and jazz…..willing to go wherever the music picnic takes them!  They have just been playing together for over a year but already have a groove that is all their own!  Made up of colleagues from the MOECC and one retired dude from MCSCS, they are a quartet that really rocks it.  Love to play charities for free, can occasionally be spotted at local bars having fun with the patrons, and were a featured act again at this summer’s Open Tuning Festival!  Come join the feast that is Government Rock Picnic.

Greg Clarke and the Madvarks

Suzanne Farkas – Bass
James Mclaughlin – Drums
Greg Clarke – Lead
Lorne Gould – Saxaphone
Jeremy Edwards – Bass clarinet/Harmonica

The Madvarks have been playing the local scene for many years and tho our line up may change , band members come and go, we remain a happy family with Greg as our head.
We mix it up but are mostly a blues based rock band , kind of punk with a touch of jazz and a love of harmonies. With our original tunes we like to tell local personal stories about our fellow Ontarians, everyone from the notorious Evelyn Dick ( how could you Mrs Dick?) to the every day people we are or have met ( jimmy don’t have a phone) .
We respect our roots and pay homage to the rockin greats by also covering a wide range of artists from chuck berry, muddy waters , and little richard to steely dan, frank zappa, jo zawinul and leonard cohen. We’ve played many local venues, have had some media coverage including a TV spot on roger’s Toronto Sessions and radio CUIT show ruby slippers . We currently play a residency at the Tennesse in Queen west. And can be reached for bookings on facebook or our website wwwmadvarks.com

The Invisible Hands

Brian Lewis, Guitar

Darren McHugh, Drums

Sumon Mukherjee Lead Singer and Bass

Dan Padro, Guitar

“The Invisible Hands” were formed among staff and alumni of the Office of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Finance to provide music for the retirement party of Chief Economist and Assistant Deputy Minister Patrick Deutscher in September 2014. All four of the band members are currently with the Ministry of Finance, two with the Office of Economic Policy. The name of the band is drawn from the work of Adam Smith, a pioneer of the field of economics, who described the behaviour of markets as “the invisible hand”.

The band had only been together three months before GovFest 2014, and were very excited to proceed to the final at the Glen Gould theatre. Their repertoire consists mostly of 1970s punk rock covers (Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols) with the occasional leap into metal and a few “original covers” of their own. Hey! Ho! Lets Go!

Invisible Hands Picture 1


Rylan Kinnon – Drums/Vocals
Dave King – Piano
Kaili Kinnon – Vocals
Emily Kinnon – Bass/Vocals


Michael Flint

Michael Flint – Vocals and piano

Having gained a reputation as singer who can sing in ten languages but has never learned how to either play checkers or blow bubbles with bubble gum, Michael Flint has been classified by family, friends and colleagues as being the man with the too wild eyes, the too wild smile and the too wild imagination. Equally comfortable as a soloist as well as a group singer in smaller groups and choirs, particularly the Ontario Public Service Choir which performs every Christmas, Michael’s repertoire lies within the ranges of light pop and jazz music, sometimes in a mix of different languages, sometimes his own compositions.

So what can you expect from his shows?

“I’ll only say this,” he says. “I don’t usually follow astronomy, but someone once read a horoscope for my astrological sign that said that I should always dare to be different. Since then, I’ve always taken those words to heart, so no one can ever accuse me of not being that.”

Mindful Masses

Liam MacManus – Drums
Gerry Alderson – Bass
Erik Sorenson – Guitar
Steve Garner – Guitar

The musical journey that began in 2009 continues for Mindful Masses. Drawing from their encyclopedic knowledge of rock and pop music, the Masses choose the best songs in history and make them uniquely their own. The band will get you to shake what your mama gave you, pump your fist, and sing along.


Ministry of Funk and Long-Term Hair

John Cengarle (Energy) – Guitar/Vocals
Alex Denike (TBS) – Guitar Vocals
Robin Paxton-Beesley (MAH) – Bass
Travis McCallum (MAESD) – Drums

Four friends who met in Public Admin school along the long journey to the middle, you can expect a mix of modern and classical music. Classical, of course, being anything pre-2000.

No Boundary

The band “No Boundary” is affiliated with International Music Education Centre (IMEC) Canada, a non-profit organization.  “No Boundary” follows the mission of IMEC promoting that “Music is the universal language and the cultural exchange through music will enhance cultural awareness of humanity”. “No Boundary” strives to discover and inherit the excellent music arts from different nations and contributes to the diverse communities in Canada.  For this event, East meets West through the integration of music sounds from Sheng, a music instrument from China with over three thousand years of history, combined with piano and cello.

The band “No Boundary” will be expanded without limit. Music type, instruments, and performance style…are to be expanded with “No boundary”.

The Band starts with following 6 players:

Zheng Zheng: Keyed Sheng/piano

Shawn Hu: Rowed Sheng/Piano

Erlin li: Rowed Sheng/Cello

Otto Zheng: Drum/Sand Hammer

Wendy Ding: Vocal /Marimba

Wei Wang: Vocal/Marimba


Private Detective

Brian McCullough – Guitar and Vocals
Mike Mortimer – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Nick Fowler – Drums and Vocals


The members of Private Detective met decades ago at music college. Their musical pursuits and career goals had them on divergent paths, but now they have reconnected for the purpose of rock! All members have extensive musical experience that is too varied and detailed to go into here. Come and enjoy!

Real Deal Roots & Blues

Steve Rutchinski – Guitar
Tak Bui – Guitar / Mandolin / Banjo
Percussion TBA
Bass TBA


Amanda Brown – Vocals
Parker Locke – Guitar
Justin Smith – Drums
Chris McAdoo – Bass

Coming all the way from Harrowsmith, Ontario – with the non-OPS backbone Chris McAdoo on bass and MOHLTC OPS veterans Justin on drums, Parker on guitar and the lovely Amanda with vocals – it’s Reminisce!!!! Reminisce plays soft/moderate rock covers from such artists as Tonic, Holly McNarland, Darius Rucker, Alanis Morsette and Dolly Parton.

The Saturday Night Glad Rags

Keith Gordon – Bass/Vocals

Al Orr – Ukulele/Vocals

Brad Baldwin – Drums/Vocals

Keith Brown – Guitar/Vocals


The Saturday Night Glad Rags are a Napanee based jazz/swing/alternative rock band known for their tight, jazzy renditions of some of your favourite modern and classic pop and rock songs that they steal and make their own.

Scott MacHattie

Scott MacHattie – Vocals, Guitar and Percussion pedal

Scott MacHattie

I am very excited to take part in the 2016 GovFest Battle of the Bands.  Last year, I played a selection Irish/Scottish folk music.  This time around, my focus is on singer-songwriters.  I have hand-picked a set of vocally-driven songs specifically for this event.  Please come out and support me for this fantastic fundraiser.

The Secondments

Erin Jones: Vocals
Steve Turner: Bass guitar/Backing
Eli Robillard: Drums
Jason Guitard: Guitar, Vocal
Al Belevski: Keyboard
Gareth Jenkins: Guitar

The Secondments.

The Secondments are a powerhouse six-pack forged in the fires of Govfest and brandished on stage in an incredible display of sonic power.

The band is a mix of OPS and non-OPS personnel whose experience combines for over a century of playing music, whose ages span the generations, and whose diversity showcases its influences across time and genres. All share the burning desire to rock the house and leave the audience panting and writhing on the dance floor.

The Secondments began the Govfest journey in 2014, made the finals in 2014 and 2015, and won the People’s Choice award in 2015. They’ve been working hard to wow the crowd with their unique blend of metal/pop/Balkan/folk/experimental jazz/klezmer/rock covers once again.

Security Breach

Bob Musgrove – Guitar / Harmonica
Dave Grisbrook – Lead Vocals
Chris Rosati – Bass/ Vocals / Mandolin
Mike Lawton – Drums / Percussion
Jeremy Blair – Guitar

The band Security Breach

Security Breach is a guitar oriented band with eclectic/eccentric taste(s). There is a preference for loud, in-your-face rock and roll, but acoustic tunes with mandolin solos are not unheard of. The ensemble has a myriad of influences ranging from folk to acid rock (and everything/anything in between). Some of the members were formerly with perennial BOB participants “Lateshift.” Mike formerly played in an Elvis tribute band and along with Chris; they anchor a solid rhythm section. Chris was formerly an MC with the Battle of the Bands who is now ready to rock out on stage. Bob, Dave and Jeremy have played together for several years…

Son de La Guayra

Bill Harvie, Timbales
Will Ford, Congas
Chico Franciso, Bongos
Pat Psihogios, Bass
Kevin Mak, Piano
Louis Patrick, Trumpet
Kevin Snowball, Trumpet
Ricardo Garza, Trombone
David Lane, Trombone
Robert Cruz, Vocals
Francisco Giron, Vocals
Myrna Cedillo, Vocals


Son de La Guayra was formed in 2015 by OMAFRA’s Bill Harvie. A long-time fan of salsa music and largely self-taught on his instrument (the timbales), for over 15 years Bill had dreamed of being part of a salsa band. Had there been a salsa band in Guelph, Bill would have begged them to join, simply to play quarter notes on a cow bell, in order to be part of the music. However, with no such opportunity, there was only one unlikely option – to start his own band.

Between Guelph having a very small musician base interested in Latin music and Bill’s profound lack of musical credibility (a simple Fergus boy who had never played in a band of any kind), it was a tough road. However, after several failed attempts over the years, he managed to get a sufficient base of interest – Pat (El Griego de La Salsa) Psihogios on bass, Kevin (El Mago) Mak on piano, Ricardo (El Orgullo de México) Garza on Trombone, Robert (La Voz) Cruz on vocals and of course, Bill (El Vendedor de La Salsa) on timbales. This core of players was enough to help inspire other fantastic musicians to join. What started as a dream has now blossomed into a 12-member band that is working hard to improve and always having a blast in the process!


Souled Out

Adryana – Lead vocals
Elvis Fernandes – Drums
Greg Keys – Guitar
Roger Williams – Bass
Serena Carlucci – Back-up vocals

the band Souled Out on stage

Souled Out is an interactive band that performs for the crowd and involves listeners in the show, turning it into an experience everyone will enjoy.
Our very own “Queen Of Soul”, Adryana, will sing her heart out and captivate the listener with her vocal abilities and stage “ownership”, but she will also step off the stage and dance with the crowd or serenade a couple or a lone listener at their table.
Souled Out’s repertoire is specially selected to please everyone, touching virtually all genres from Soul, R&B and Funk, to Top 40s, Rock, Disco and Dance, and even specialty music from around the world.
The Band has been “Keeping the good music alive and kicking” since 2006, playing the GTA entertainment circuit and private events regularly, living by their motto: “We Are Here To Entertain You”.

Stonecold Canada

Lloyd Pacheco – Guitar and backing vocals
Graham Turner – Bass, keys and vocals
Dez Magill – Drums
Bob Medeiros – Vocals and guitar

The band Stonecold Canada

Music is our passion and it is a pleasure to share this passion with our audience. Stonecold Canada is known for playing some of the best arena rock that has ever been written. From AC/DC to Deep Purple will even throw in a little Rush if that is what you want. Besides from covers we have originals which has aired on 94.1 Watertown. (94Rock)

Sunday Morning

Shalini Neubert, Keyboard/percussion
Patrick Turenne, Guitars

Husband/Wife duo performing Canadian themed original folk songs.

The Swinging Pussycats

Chris Sankey – Drums
David Millan – Guitar, vocals
Sean Greson – Bass
Sandi Nicholson – Vocals, guitar

The Swinging Pussycats are a four-piece surf pop garage rock band from Toronto. The Pussycats do original music that spans a number of genres. You can see them at venues across Toronto. Their influences include surf, garage rock, old soul, the Specials, punk, and the blues.

Follow us at:




To hire them for your event, please contact them at: TheSwingingPussycatsMusicStudio@bell.net.


Derrick Ingram – Lead Guitar
Cam Pettit – Rhythm Guitar
Chris Scott-Dixon – Bass Guitar
Darcy Allingham – Drums

The band Taildragger

Garage punk distortion, crawling out of the gutters of Toronto, Canada. Taking inspiration from fuzz heavy artists such as Ty Segall, Eric’s Trip, Dinosaur Jr., and Mudhoney, taildragger aims to play their all original music in the only way that music should be played: loud and heavy.

Train Wreck

John Polsinelli- Drums & percussions
John Bourke- Bass Guitar/Vocals
Mike Toomey- Lead Guitars


Uncle Deadly

Michael Fedchyshyn – Guitar
Evan Craighead – Guitar
Darcy Boudreaux – Drums
Jeff Whorley – Bass Guitar


When you come across a blue, reptilian-man creature with fangs, glowing yellow eyes, wearing a business suit, that is also a Muppet; how can you not name your band Uncle Deadly? Uncle Deadly was born in 1976 (as were the band members) at a time when exposing children to such ghoulish creatures (and disco) was not thought to have any lasting negative effects.
30 something years later, we bring you Uncle Deadly (the band) and you can decide on the bit about lasting effects for yourself…
Uncle Deadly is a group of old high school friends that started a midlife crisis band two years ago and have used it as a great excuse to play for anyone intoxicated enough to listen ever since. Deadly plays a mix of songs from the 70’s through to the 2000’s with the common thread that they all rock hard.
If you like your guitars (and guitarists) dirty, remember the day that Courtney killed Kurt, and vaguely recall attending at least one Lollapalooza at Molson Park, then you need to come check us out (if not come anyway!).
We’re honoured to be playing for such a great cause and can’t wait to see you all there. Deadly out!

The Way Back

Brian Fukuzawa – Vocals and guitar
Evan Schiller – Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Steven Succi – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Nina Richmond – Vocals
Ben Fukuzawa – Drums
Tom Melville – keys
Brian Hargan – vocals

“The Way Back” was formed from the seed of the “The Hurricanes” which was formed at the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Labour in response to a request from our Director to put together some music for a United Way launch. Most of the band is still with the Ministry. We have played many affairs, including weddings and parties and have a regular gig at the 744 restaurant on Mount Pleasant. Our repertoire is from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, heavy on the vocals.

Whiskey Concussion

Dan Padro – Guitar
Dan Paquette – Guitar/ Backup Vocals
Tony Moniz – Drums
Dave Cantlon – Bass
Kathryn Stachyra – Lead Vocals

We are a 5-piece cover band based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Our newly established group is bursting onto the music scene with a blend of classic rock to modern rock with a touch of attitude. We cover music from artists such as Bryan Adams, Chuck Berry, G&R, ACDC and even Shania Twain…yes that’s right, Shania!!!

The group started out 3 years ago with founding members Tony (drums), Dan (rhythm/vocals) and Dave (bass) practicing out of a private basement studio. As things progressed to the next level, among the revolving door of musicians, a solid new lead guitarist (Dan P) was added. To bring it all together, a very talented female lead vocalist (Kathryn) joined the group. From that point, it’s been non-stop progression of sharing the music we love with our friends and family while growing a wonderful fan base.

The Worst Case Scenario

Keith Gordon – Bass/Vocals

Kathie Jacksonn – Guitar/Vocals

Joe Matthews – Drums

Tom Gulley – Guitar/Vocals


The Worst Case Scenario deliver some off the beaten path rock gems spanning several decades.  From Jefferson Airplane to Pink, from The Pretenders to the Goo Goo Dolls and lots of Canadian content including 54-40 and the Cowboy Junkies 🙂

The Zeds

Keith Gordon – Bass/Vocals

Craig Foster – Guitar/Vocals

Greg Bryant – Drums


The Zeds hail from Picton (Craig Foster: guitar/lead vocals & Greg Bryant: drums) and Napanee (Keith Gordon: bass) and is one if the areas busiest bands tabbed by critics as a “…cool 90’s college party”.  Their eclectic mix of 90’s pop-rock/alternative music blends perfectly with their infectious originals that have become a staple of local radio.