2016 event planning has started!

2016 event planning has started!

2016 represents an exciting growth year for Govfest and will involve multiple media (music, arts, craft), new locations across Ontario, and more participating public service organizations. In 2016, Govfest will contain four events; Public Service Battle of the Bands; Passport to Wine and Art Soiree; Crafts and Craft Beer Exhibition; and The Grand Finale Showcase. Participants include friends and family of Ontario’s public service community.

Musical acts will compete at the “Battles Stages” and “Knock-out Rounds” from October 27th to November 18th. Participating bands will perform on fully equipped stages, enjoy opportunities for professional quality recordings, pictures and video, and a have a chance to be selected for highly-prized “Judge’s Choice” and “People’s Choice” awards.

Craft artisans will combine with craft beer enthusiasts in November for the Govfest Crafts and Craft Beer Exhibition. Participating artisans will exhibit and sell their works alongside the best tasting beers in Ontario.

Visual artists will join wine connoisseurs for the Govfest Passport to Wine and Art Soiree on November 25th, 2016. The very best wines will be sampled and artists will exhibit and sell their works.

Selected acts from the music shows and artist works will be exhibited at the “Grand Finale Showcase” on December 2nd, 2016.