Govfest Volunteerism Award

Recognize Public Servants

The Govfest Volunteerism Award is presented each year to a member of the public service staff community who has demonstrated exceptional personal commitment and integrity and who has contributed lasting positive impacts for individuals/communities.

Volunteerism improves healthcare, provides access to services and essential resources like clean water and healthy food, improves our education, creates better parks, increases recreation, and provides safe and clean places to play, work and live so people can thrive in communities here and around the world.

This award celebrates an individual who has demonstrated the vision of volunteerism.

Nominate Volunteers

We are looking for you to nominate a volunteer that has made a positive impact in the lives of individuals, the communities they live in, and in communities beyond their borders. Volunteers:

  • Provide services, time and effort without payment
  • Provide services to all equally, impartially, cooperatively and neutrally
  • Reflect public service principles including integrity, honesty, truthfulness, responsibility, diversity and inclusiveness
  • Improve the lives of others through creative and compassionate work

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