From the very first years of Govfest OPS Battle of the Bands, there has been a partnership between the two great charities, United Way and Ryan’s Well. Both charities have a track record of excellence in projects that support communities.

The Ryan’s Well Foundation has been a key partner for Govfest since the beginning. The funds from the Govfest events have raised awareness of the global water crisis impacting on many communities, The Govfest funds have directly supported a number of specific projects in Uganda and Kenya and Togo. Currently, hundreds of families are directly benefiting from the community projects funded through Govfest events.

United Way supports hundreds of communities both locally and abroad. The funds from United Way campaign and the Govfest events have supported a wide range of local community projects that ensure people have the supports they need to be contributing members.

United Way Website

2016 Govfest Corporate Sponsorship Brochure