Battle Stages will be on November 3rd to November 17th  at stages across Ontario. The Battle rounds comprise of several individual shows make up the qualification rounds. These exciting eclectic shows will occur at local venues in Toronto, Kingston and Burlington.

The evenings represent a great time to connect with colleagues while seeing the best in music and stage performances. There will be approximately 5 to 8 bands per stage per night. Some limited speeches and opening remarks will start the itinerary. Then the show begins!

During the contest, each band gets 30 minutes (6 songs) play time. There are 20 votes provided with each admittance and additional votes are purchased. Votes are tallied and the highest voted band advances to the Knockout Round or Grand Finale Showcase. (there are no additional judges in the battle shows)

The Knockout Round will be held on November 17 at The Hard Rock Café. Bands will be selected from the battle stages to compete for their standing at the Grand Finale Showcase. This show will feature runner-up bands and/or wild card bands selected by MC discretion.

All Ages Stage will be held on November 19th at Hard Rock Café at 279 Yonge Street during the Craft and Craft Beer Exhibition event. This will provide an opportunity to hear some of the great under-nineteen acts that are part of the public service community. Attendees can expect approximately 8 bands, each with 30 minutes shows.