The public Service Battle of the Bands shows are a great time to connect with colleagues, see the best in music and vote for your favourite stage performances. There will be approximately 5 to 8 bands per stage per night. Some limited speeches and opening remarks will start the itinerary. Then the show begins!

At the shows each band gets 30 minutes (6 songs) play time. Votes are available for purchase online starting in September AND attendees can purchase votes for their favourite bands at the shows. Votes are tallied and the highest voted band from each venue advances to the Knockout Rounds or Grand Finale Showcase.

Tickets for the Public Service Battle of the Bands includes admittance to battle stages and the knockout rounds.

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The Battle Stages will be on November 2nd to November 16th at stages across Ontario. The Battle rounds comprise of several exciting eclectic shows at local venues in several cities across Ontario.

The Knockout Rounds will be held on November 17th at the Mod Club in Toronto will feature runner-up bands and/or wild card bands selected by MC discretion. In the Knockout Round shows, bands will be selected from the battle stages to compete for their standing at the Grand Finale Showcase.

2017 Bands

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