Govfest’s Passport to Wine and Art Soirée is presented in partnership with the John B. Aird Gallery ( This exciting soirée brings the quality of a reputable wine event and an elite circle of artists under a fun event to support United Way and the Ryan’s Well Foundation.

This is Govfest’s black tie occasion.

Date:  Thursday, November 16, 2017, from 6 to 9 pm

Location:  Arts and Letter’s Club

Art Submission Deadline:  Monday, November 6, 2017, 5:00 pm

This evening will feature elegant displays of fine art in an upscale venue in Toronto.  Fine art works by Ontario’s public service employees, their families and friends will be available for viewing, bidding and purchasing, to raise funds for Govfest. The artists, or their families/friends representing them, will be on hand to answer your questions. Guests will have an opportunity to participate in the silent auction to bid on favourite pieces with funds raised contributed to our sponsored charities.

A volunteer group will be serving a variety of hors d’oeuvres and hot finger foods throughout the evening to pair with wine.

A live performance of classical music will be performed by our very own talented public service staff as a complement to an evening of art, wine and food.

There will be blind wine tastings. The musicians and art work will be located in a way for guest to enjoy their wine while appreciating the music and art work on display.

About the Art Auction

In addition to music and wine tasting, artworks created by OPS employees, their families and friends will be up on display and available for purchase via a silent auction. Now in its third year, the addition of the visual arts to govfest, truly makes this a wonderful cultural event!

We are calling all contemporary artists from the OPS, their families and friends to submit works of art. Visual artists who are public servants (staff in the provincial, municipal governments, agencies, schools, health and social services), including their families and friends are invited to enter the exhibition/silent auction and submit (only) two-dimensional artworks on any media (e.g. canvas, paper, print, etc.).

Let us know about your intention to submit art by providing participant information here We will be in touch with you to get images of your works and give you details about the selection steps.

The event will take place at the Arts and Letters Club, 14 Elm Street, Toronto on Thursday, Nov. 16th, 2017, from 6 to 9 pm. Art Submission Deadline:  Monday, November 6, 2017, 5:00 pm. Please submit a maximum of two artworks to


About the Wine Tasting

There will be a total of ten (10) different wine types for serving. A carefully selected spectrum of fine wine will represent the range from lightest to darkest for guests to enjoy and vote for.  Each wine will also include a description of the category it represents and food pairings. Guests will be given coupons in exchange for their entry ticket which can be used to taste a range of wine or spend it all on a favourite category! Guests can purchase additional tickets to continue their tasting experience and also contribute to the fundraising.

Guests will vote for their favourite wine(s) of the evening at any time by dropping the first half portion of their numbered coupons in the assigned jars next to each representing wine categories. Guests can vote all ten coupons for a single category or divide them among multiple categories. The more coupons the more winning chances for their favourite wine! The remaining portion of the coupons will be used to identify three (3) guests who have voted for the winning bottle of the event through a draw. Guests should check web site before noon the following day to see the winners. Winning coupon numbers will be published online along with the list of wines with their information disclosed as a reference. Lucky guests can claim their prizes and have the opportunity to announce the winning bottle on stage in the Grand Finale Showcase on December 1, 2017.



[2017] Wine And Art Soiree

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