2019 Bands

A huge thank you to all of the bands that made 2019 such a great year for Govfest.
The Grand Finale results are as follows:
People’s Choice Winners: Uncle Deadly
Judges Choice Winners: Band From Radio
You can check out everyone that participated below!

Friday Nov 1, Supermarket, 268 August Ave, Toronto


The Last Minutemen

We are a traditional 4/5 member band (drums, bass, guitar, vocals, potentially rhythm guitar and backup vocals) playing a range of sounds, from funk to pop and everything in between. We mainly play original music but like to dabble in covers from time to time as well.

Bread Circus

Bread Circus

Under a recent merge of four seasoned rockers out of the Hamilton scene, Bread Circus launches a series of battering metal/punk covers and originals onto the stage. The momentum of this union is fueled by our shared appreciation of bands like Fu Manchu, The Bronx, Clutch and Beastie Boys.

Come out and rage against the bread and circus pacification accelerating worldwide, while supporting two great charities that help to heal some of its impacts.

Crash Control

Crash Control is a high energy raw rock n roll band that plays music from the 60’s right through to today’s hits. Crash Control is made up of:

Michael (Guitar and Vocals)
Bruce (Drums and Vocals)
Arieh (Guitar and Vocals)
Paul (Bass and Vocals)

Together they create electric magic as “Crash Control”.

Band from Radio

We are a six piece band catering 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, popular music

Thursday Nov 7, Adelaide Hall, 250 Adelaide W, Toronto


There are many sides to a person. Different thoughts, different feelings and expressions that helps shape who we are. Our actions will define us in our journey in life. But our stories be our legacy that will live forever.

Singing, song writing, producing, dancing/choreographing are the many expressions that come from within. It is these feelings which I act upon at any moment when I see and hear every aspect of life. It could be from a simple conversation from someone no matter how happy or sad, to listening to what people have to say, to the very sounds of the environment that surrounds us. To take a step back and observe what’s around us and translate that into canvas, song, dance and film is what makes this gift called art. It is through this medium that I would like to tell my story.

Thanks you/Merci.

Augustus Sign

Four-piece alternative rock act with punk and indie leanings.

The Final Final

Paper Parachutes

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before… a Californian, a risk analyst, and a bald guy walk into a craigslist ad; only in Toronto. One sings, one plays guitar and one plays bass. But who plays the drums?

A salsa dancer walks into a craigslist ad. It’s getting late, but what time is it?

The dancer counts out 9/8!. Perfect! He’s a drummer too!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Saxophone. Saxophone who? Harley.

No one said this needed to make sense.

We started as 3 but there’s 5 of us now; the odds are with us.

We are all Paper Parachutes.

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Guardians of the musical galaxy, Wrecktifyer hails as a four piece rock force of certain distinction. All hands will brace for impact at the live display of unmistakable awesomeness. There is no theory to their barrier breaking big bang, it’s just science fact! Armed with the power of 70s to 80s hard rock sound and fueled with astronomical energy to spare, Wrecktifyer eclipses the rock gamut of old and brings in the new in true indomitable style.

Olga Olshanska

Olga Olshanska

“Singing always was and still is my passion, especially Ukrainian and Russian songs.

For the last 10 years – member of the Toronto chamber Ukrainian choir Vesnivka. Vesnivka’s concert tours have a wide geography and cover Canada, USA, Europe.”

Friday Nov 8, Supermarket, 268 Augusta, Toronto

Pink Palace

Pink Palace Rock Band

Rock and roll band – mostly rock, alt rock and blues covers. Four legal eagles from Bay Street, here for your listening pleasure all the way from the majestic pink halls of the McMurtry-Scott Building, the attorney general’s palace that gave the band its name.

Invisible Hands

The Invisible Hands is a glorious “Clash” of alt-rock, punk, and heavy metal. They like it loud and they take no prisoners.


Flaming Decisions

A small but mighty pop/rock band coming together for our second year running. We love to see our audiences singing along to some classics when we perform and can’t wait to participate in GovFest 2019.

White Space

“Five guys decided to throw their fears to the wind and not worry that their friends thought they were going through a mid life crisis. They started jamming – literally in a garage. They quickly realized they wanted to move beyond the garage.

Wikipedia describes Whitespace as “space where rules are vague, authority is fuzzy, budgets are nonexistent and strategy is unclear.” Yup, that pretty much describes us.

WhiteSpace believes it’s never to late to pursue your dream of being in a Rock and Roll Band.”

Friday Nov 8, Adelaide Hall, 250 Adelaide W, Toronto

The New Elements

The New Elements

The New Elements were formed by a group of colleagues from the Ontario Science Centre. Coming from diverse and unique musical backgrounds, these friends have joined forces to have some fun and support the Govfest charities. Playing covers from various genres, The New Elements are looking forward to Govfest 2019.

The Binds

Forming in the summer of 2014, The Binds have been bringing their flavour of blues, funk, and alternative rock to the Toronto music scene. Fusing elements of a multitude of styles and artists, they have found an intricate, musically expressive niche to explore their sound. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Rolling Stones automatically come across as influences, but layered and mixed with rhythms and beats from old-school and modern Hip-Hop, spacey melodies from the late 80s/early 90s, and grit from old-school blues.

Uncle Deadly

Following a people’s choice winning run in 2016, Uncle Deadly is back playing more of the best of the songs we like.

Uncle Deadly is a group of old high school friends that started a midlife crisis band 5 years ago and have used it as a great excuse to play for anyone intoxicated enough to listen ever since. We play a mix of songs from the 70s through to the 2000s with the common thread that they all rock hard.

If you like your guitars (and guitarists) dirty, remember getting all emo listening to Ten for the first time, and vaguely recall attending at least one Lollapalooza at Molson Park, then you need to come check us out (if not come anyway!).

We’re honoured to be returning to play for such a great cause and can’t wait to see you all there. Deadly out!


Judge’s Choice winners of Govfest 2018, Government Rock Picnic is a band of the people, by the people, and for the people. They hear your concerns, know your needs, and work tirelessly to ensure every man, woman, and child in this great province has access to the rock they need. GRP plays in the halls of power, the back alleys and parks, and the dingy basements to bring Groove to good people of Ontario. GRP puts the “Rock” in Bureaucracy.

2 Men Y Girls

2Meny Girls

We’re a rock band who has played in GovFest/OPS Battle for 10 years

Round E
Saturday, November 9 BLU Martini, 178 Ontario, Kingston

The Chalk Lines

Contrary to popular belief rock n roll music didn’t achieve perfection in 1976 and this hip modern alternative rock band proves it.

The Chalk Lines are Kingston’s premiere high-energy alt rock band, soaring to dizzying auditory heights riding testosterone fueled jetpacks.

Strap on your safety harnesses, dance shoes and come enjoy the ride!


A new rock cover band hailing from Ottawa. This four piece has some history…the bass and guitar players played in well known original Ottawa bands Junkie and the Spider and Fuel the Phoenix; bass, drummer and singer currently preform live for another original Ottawa band, Occasional Angels.

We formed Waterworn a year ago with the intention of getting out there and playing, simply for the enjoyment of it! We have played only a couple of shows but the energy was intoxicating.

We love that we are road tripping to Kingston to help support the United Way and Ryan’s Well, while getting the opportunity to meet new musician and form new friendships.
Here we come!

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Stone Cold Canada

Stonecold Canada

Hailed as “Kingston’s Incredible Live Rock Band that you have to see”, StoneCold Canada music led by four rockers has roots in Canadian Classic Rock and the arena rock era. People who see StoneCold will, dance, sing, play air guitar and cheer.

This is StoneCold Canada music.

Full English

Full English

A 4 piece band playing a tasty portion of old goodies from The Beatles, Lulu, The Monkees, Elvis, and even the Bee Gees Just like a “Full English” breakfast, it’s all the classics you love

Trevor Walsh Band

The Trevor Walsh Group

The Trevor Walsh Group plays some of the greatest rock covers that will keep your feet moving all night long. To this day Trevor loves to play his guitar and sing like it was the beginning of his career. He puts on a fantastic show and plays with all of his heart, soul and musical ability.



Hosta are a two piece band who fuse original rock music with an easy going pace. No filler all killer.

Some Crooked

Some Crooked

Born on the bayou of… um… Stittsville and Kanata (well, it does get kind of marshy there)… SOME CROOKED are four federal public servants, HR and tech professionals who get together, write and perform mostly original songs, and occasionally get some crooked about it all. Get ready to rock loud and roll hard!

Thursday, November 14, &Company, 295 Enfield, Mississauga



5 member band covering blues and rock from the 70s to the 90s.

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Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest are a 6 piece rock and roll cover band that all work for the government in some capacity. For 5 years they have been getting together to rock out some tunes and have a great time! They are always looking to fine tune their art. Civil Unrest have played many gigs from backyard parties, to bars and fundraisers. The songs they play cover a wide spectrum of rock and pop music across the decades. With a passion for playing music together Civil Unrest is always looking to entertain the crowd.

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A 6 member Rock & Roll and R&B Band

Friday November 15, Black Swan, 154 Danforth Toronto

Beneath The Maples

We’ve participated in previous Govfests under the monikers such as “Contraband”  and “TrainWreck” with different line-ups. We’re OPSers with the passion for music.

 Our musical tastes are all over the map; from classical music to blues, via rock, punk, and heavy metal. This year we have a new and extended line-up.

 Looking forward to bringing down the house.


We are a four-piece amateur rock band playing covers.

Whiskey Concussion

Whiskey Concussion are a 5-piece band based out of Mississauga, Ontario. This group offers a blend of classic rock, modern rock and even a taste of country rock . With a variety of classic hits from Chuck Berry and Tom Petty to the modern hits of Elle King and Katy Perry and even a touch of country from Sugarland and Johnny Cash , there is music common to all ears and a live performance that makes music lovers come back for more!

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