Organizing Committee

Paul Burns

Govfest Lead Enthusiast and piano player. Technology Solutions Manager in City of Mississauga. Believes he will be the next World Beat super star.

Dorothy (aka Dolly) John-Currie

Sponsorship and Marketing & Communications Lead . Lifelong music enthusiast and Keyboard player in Govfest Band “Evolution” from 2010 to 2017. Thinks outside the box and builds successful partnerships.

Turned down hosting the Grammys and touring with Elton John due to Govfest workload.

Brent Turkvan

Govfest’ s Wine Specialist

Truly enjoys picking the right wine for the “Wine and Art” event and sharing it with guests. Works for the Provincial Education ministry as an IT manager. Believes he could have been Elan Musk!

Brian Lewis

Govfest Financial Guru and guitar player in “The Invisible Hands”. ADM Economic Policy at MOF. Believes The Clash is the greatest band ever.

Darren McHugh

Band and Equipment Lead

Drummer in the Invisible Hands. Loves helping bands sound good and feel good! Economist with Office of Economic Policy until Rush comes to their senses and hires him to replace Neil Peart.

Steve Turner

Often confused with Brian Lewis (ADM MOF), Steve Turner was the bass player for The Secondments, a lovely and playful Govfest band who won the People’s Choice award three of the last 5 years. Steve was shanghaied into the Govfest organizational committee by a press gang of ruffians, but he seemed to have made out ok after awhile. He can be found anywhere; helping setup equipment, hanging out by the doors, sometimes emceeing Govfest events and occasionally acting as chaplain for Govfest bands on an as-needed basis. If you need a hand or want a question answered, Steve is your guy.

Ashton Osmak Profile pic

Ashton Osmak

Social Media Lead

Long-time Govfest groupie – Ashton’s thrilled to be promoting #Govfest2022 on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds. You’ll also find her making waves on the OPS’ All Company Yammer channel, with updates on the shows and more.

Dave Stokes

Govfest Kingston Lead

Bassist for The Chalk Lines, coordinates the Kingston GovFest event, enjoys working with volunteers to strengthen and build GovFest for years to come, provides guidance for other regional communities looking to host a Govfest battle round. Aspiration to play in a rock band that allows and recognizes the importance of bass solos.