Our Partners

Since Govfest began 13 years ago, we have enjoyed wonderful partnerships with United Way and The Ryan’s Well Foundation.

Our partnerships with these charities ensure that Govfest can make a difference. Through them, the proceeds from Govfest events go to supporting local communities as well as clean drinking water initiatives around the world.

United Way works to better lives by creating support systems for vulnerable community members. Campaigning with United Way, Govfest funds have supported a wide range of local community projects that ensure people have the support they need to be contributing community members themselves.

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The Ryan’s Well Foundation works to provide sustainable access to safe drinking water in some of the poorest developing regions world wide. Together with The Ryan’s Well Foundation, Govfest has raised awareness of the global water crisis. Funds from Govfest events have directly supported a number of specific well building projects in Uganda, Togo, Haiti and other locations.

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