2018 Bands

A huge thank you to all of the bands that made 2018 such a great year for Govfest.
The Grand Finale results are as follows: 
People’s Choice Winners: Secondments
Judges Choice Winners: GRP

You can check out everyone that particpated below! 


Eternal Return

Eternal Return consists of three old friends: Regan, Dave and Dave. Playing in their 7th Govfest, they plan a set of classic rock from the 70’s to 90’s. Eternal Return works the 3-piece set-up for textural, dynamic and vocal impact. This year they’ll feature guest keyboardist Greg, for a final number. And Dave will be performing his debut lead vocal. Let’s party, Let’s get down!

Minor Normal

Minor Normal first met in Krakow, Poland on a student exchange program. Band members live apart in the U.S., Poland and Canada and are coming together especially for this event! Band members include Romi Jaszczynski, Sr. Export Advisor at MEDJCT, Myles Jerrett, ER Physician from Los Angeles, and our star GIS guitarist, Konrad Hunter.

White Space 

Five guys who decided to throw their fears to the wind and not worry that their friends thought they were going through a mid life crisis. They started jamming – literally in a garage. Wikipedia describes Whitespace as “space where rules are vague, authority is fuzzy, budgets are nonexistent and strategy is unclear.” That pretty much describes them. WhiteSpace believes it’s never to late to pursue your dream of being in a Rock and Roll Band.

John Famos 

John Famos is a band formed by Travis McKenna and Robbie Davidson. Their goal is to make music that satisfies inner creative desires, while remaining accessible to the average listener. Their sound is best be described as pop rock, incorporating elements of alternative rock, jazz, hip hop, and surf rock. They’re currently knee-deep in the songwriting process, with plans to record a debut EP.


Certifiably Strung

This will be Certifiably Strung’s third year with Govfest and this ukulele band just keeps getting stronger! All but 4 musicians are with the Ministry of the Attorney General! Big deal you may murmur to yourself, but if you have an ensemble of 15 musicians — it is a Big Deal! Their playlist is wide-ranging, toe-tapping, grooving to the music. 

Flaming Decision

These Tribunal Titans were pulled together from all reaches of the province. The Flaming Decisions will bring an innovative set of Rock/Pop music that will bring the audience to their feet and make them cry out for more!!

Phonic Memories

Phonic Memories is a two person acoustic band that was formed in 2017. Their goal is to have fun with music and to bring the audience all time hits that they can sing along to. Most songs consist and acoustic guitar accompanied sometimes by an interesting percussion instrument called the “Cajone”. “Phonic Memories” will take you back in time on a nostalgic musical ride where you can hum, sing and dance along to your favorite tunes.



Going nameless on a highway to hell, but one way or another, we’ll enter night and keep on rockin’ just like a ringin’ bell. 2MenYGirls is a Classic rock band that has participated in Govfest for many years!

Kaos AllStarz

This 4 peice rock band met in a music store! They have come together for the “Battle” to rock tunes from the 80’s to the 2000’s: U2, Queens of the Stone Age, the Cars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the like.

Old Posters

Old Posters are a classic rock party band that has been playing together for a couple of years. They play rock’n’roll that spans from the 50s to the 90s with a fairly high level of Canadian content. The Old Posters enjoy playing to a packed dance floor and when they start playing a party on the dance floor usually follows….


Son de la Guayra

Son de La Guayra was formed in 2015 by OMAFRA’s Bill Harvie. A long-time fan of salsa music and largely self-taught on his instrument, the timbales, Bill had dreamed for many years of being part of a salsa band. However, with no established Latin bands in Guelph for him to try and join, there was only one unlikely option – to start his own band. Between Guelph having a very small base of musicians interested in Latin music and Bill’s profound lack of musical credibility (a simple Wellington County boy who had never played in a band of any kind), it was a tough road. However, after several failed attempts, Bill managed to form a core of player and from there, they inspired other fantastic musicians to join. What started as a dream has now blossomed into a 12-piece band that is working hard to improve and always having a blast in the process!

Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest are a 6 piece rock and roll cover band that all work for the government in some capacity. For 5 years they have been getting together to rock out some tunes and have a great time! They are always looking to fine tune their art. Civil Unrest have played many gigs from backyard parties, to bars and fundraisers. The songs they play cover a wide spectrum of rock and pop music across the decades. With a passion for playing music together Civil Unrest is always looking to entertain the crowd.

Glass Human

Glass Human is a Canadian rock band formed by singer Phil Clarke, bassist Brett Gooding, guitarist Adam Burwell, and drummer Dylan McCormik. Fronted by a smoky voice that will speak to your soul, Glass Human combines grunge and progressive rock with elements of folk, jazz, punk and blues.If you listen very closely you will hear undertones of sludgy sarcasm sitting on a Seattle cloud. Be on the look for Glass Human’s debut LP “Futuristic Rare” to be released in the Winter of 2019.

Round E

Invisible Hands

The Invisible Hands is a glorious “Clash” of alt-rock, punk, and heavy metal. We like it loud and they take no prisoners.

Last Minutemen

The Last Minutemen is a group formed in September 2018.  As membership consists only of bass, drums, and vocals, their motto is to do more with less. The Last Minutemen’s goal is to present a unified sound that still allows for individual expression. Their sound spills across multiple genres, with heavy influences from rap and hip hop, as well as funk, alternative rock, and hard rock.


People’s Choice winners of Govfest 2017, Government Rock Picnic is a band of the people, by the people, and for the people. They hear your concerns, know your needs, and work tirelessly to ensure every man, woman, and child in this great province has access to the rock they need. GRP plays in the halls of power, the back alleys and parks, and the dingy basements to bring Groove to good people of Ontario. GRP puts the “Rock” in Bureaucracy.


SemiColon Powell

Just your typical electric guitar, cajon, theremin and stand up bass outfit – hear what happens when the theremin, WWII communications devices and Soviet vacuum tubes come together at last!

The Binds

The Binds have been bringing their flavour of blues, funk and alternative rock to the Toronto music scene since 2014. In Summer 2018 they released their debut self-titled album on various streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. The Binds are a high energy band who are sure to bring excitement to every show.


The Secondments are Steve Turner (bass/voc IAO), Jason Guitard (voc/guitar, MTCS), Al Belevski (keys, LRC), Erin Jones (vocs/ George Brown), Rick Cleyn (guitar, Boom FM 97.3) and Eli Robillard (Drums/ consultant). The Secondments began participating in Govfest in 2014, and were fortunate to make the finale each year since. As a cover band, one never knows what we will pull out of the proverbial hat. Having covered everything from Led Zeppelin to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Queen to Brittany Spears, one never knows what to expect, except for an exciting and driving show. The Secondment’s fame proceeds themselves. Whenever Donald Trump brings up The Secondments at one of his rallies, the crowd chants “Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up!”

The Pigeons

The Pigeons formed when Evan MacDonald, Vanessa Blackie and Nick Lymer of Evan MacDonald and the Alcoves were joined by wingman guitarist extraordinaire Justin Brodeur. This flock of songbirds have played music in different configurations throughout Southern Ontario for a decade, but have come back to roost in Toronto to play their debut show as The Pigeons at GovFest. This group has a diverse repertoire from squawk and roll to coo coo cool blues and is guaranteed to make you shake your tailfeathers.


Dympna McConnell 

Original folk rock! 

Vera, Chuck and Dave

The name says it all! Don’t miss our on this awesome three piece Beatles cover band.

Scheduled Conflict

Born in the clubs of Swinging London in 1966… aww, who are we kidding? Born in the ice rinks and government offices of the Ottawa area, Scheduled Conflict are four federal public servants who write and perform original songs when their schedules allow. Their drummer is the 13-year old metal-head daughter of their guitar player and they don’t call her the “H-Bomb” for nothing! Bring the thunder, baby girl! Scheduled Conflict’s songs have been performed north of 60 and on top of a mountain in central Asia’s Tian Shan range. They love it live and love it loud, their groove is in the heart and their songs rock, hard!


VOHON is a 6 piece band, consisting of violin and accordion. Their awesome music is Neotraditional Ukrainian Folk/Punk/Ethnic/Gypsy Rock.


High energy, raw, in your face, modern Heavy Metal & Hard Rock that you could hear on today’s Rock radio.

Knuckel Hed

Four piece rock cover band based out of Kingston Ontario. Playing 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today with more emphasis on classic rock from the 80’s.Four piece rock cover band based out of Kingston Ontario. Playing 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today with more emphasis on classic rock from the 80’s.


A balance between simple song writing and cutting truths. Odd Fosters blends many styles and genres of music for high energy live performances highlight real honest rock.

Stonecold Canada

Hailed as “Kingston’s Incredible Live Rock Band that you have to see”, StoneCold Canada music led by four rockers has roots in Canadian Classic Rock and the arena rock era.  People who see StoneCold will, dance, sing, play air guitar and cheer.  This is StoneCold Canada music.

The Chalk Lines

The Chalk Lines are a high energy, Indie/Rock cover band from Kingston, Ontario. Combining powerful vocals, dynamic guitars and a killer beat with a varied setlist we make sure you have the best live enterainment. Covering alternative and indie rock favourites, the Chalk Lines get you on your feet and dancing all night long!