Tribute Well

Rosemary’s Well

In April 2017, one of our key Govfest Organizers Rosemary Cercone passed away. Rosemary spent 9 years with the Battle of the Bands, working relentlessly to raise money for United Way and Ryan’s Well. Last year, Ryan’s Well supported a “tribute well” for Rosemary in Uganda. You can check out pictures below:

Look at photos from the project:

Rosemary’s Well Photos

Responses to Rosemary’s Well

“Amazing to hear about and see the results of the incredible team work of GovFest and especially you Paul for your vision and energy. The tribute well to Rosemary is a wonderful idea…..she was and still is in my mind a bright and shining star…”

David McIntosh

“I think the tribute well in honour of Rosemary is a wonderful gesture. She, like all you folks was very passionate about the charity! It just shows how truly connected we all are on this planet. It’s a great story and you should all be very proud to be a part of it…”

Robert Musgrove

“Clean water is so essential to improving the health of a population. Great work!!! Being involved in this sort of work as well I have learned that there are so many amazing people doing such great work to help people have a better life…”

Elizabeth Good

“Great to see how the donations are actually being used. Real people! Real issues.
Congratulations GovFest!”

Jackie Mahon